Window Treatment

 Window Treatments

Unique Upholstery and Design offers highly recommended and professional window treatment measuring and installation services. Measuring your windows before any installation is an assurance that your window treatment will fit and will look perfect.

Professional Measuring for Better Installation

Choosing a professional to perform measurement than taking your own rough measurement is a good choice that you would want to make. You wouldn't want to make mistakes when it comes to window treatments. 

Hiring a professional installer will not only give you the measurement you need before a fabric is cut but also all information that you'll need for your window treatment. They will measure and consider the width and height and take into consideration the architectural features of the house. They can also give you the information and suggestions of which existing drapery rods should be kept or replaced. They do not do rough measurements, they do and take exact measurements and make sure that all products that will be installed will be made to measurement specifications. And lastly, our professional installer checks and makes sure that valances are positioned properly and that all window treatment will fit and function the way they should.

No matter how big or small, we'll make sure that all measurements are made precise and that all window treatment installation is positioned and will work properly.
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