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"Relevant Information" to include in your email:
  • If you have cushions that need new foam, include length/width/thickness dimensions of the cushion.
  • Do you want your piece reupholstered 'as is' (same detail/style) or are you looking for changes?
  • Are the cushions on your piece loose or attached to the frame?
  • Is any structural repair work required?
  • Will you be supplying the fabric?
  • Do you have a deadline?  Please let us know so we can determine if we can meet it.
 Please Note:
We are no longer able to offer pick-up and delivery for your pieces. If you are unable to bring your piece(s) in yourselves, please reach out directly to the subcontractor that we are using for a quote based on your location - Pink Pick-Ups Furniture Taxi (520) 268-5670 /
How to get an estimate:
WE DO NOT GIVE ESTIMATES OVER THE PHONE. Each piece of furniture is unique.  We cannot do a one size fits all or "ballpark" estimate. 
We can do estimates via email.  Please send photos, dimensions, and any other relevant information to  Please check your inbox and junk folders for replies from us as we may have additional questions for you!  Due to Covid-19, we actually prefer doing estimates via email, so please consider that instead of dropping in right now.
If you are unable to send photos via email, you can take some photos of your pieces and bring them in for us to take a look at.
Once we have all the information we need, you should hear back from us within 1-3 days.
What your estimate will include:
When you receive your estimate there are three areas that we will cover (as appropriate):
  • Labor Cost - our pricing is based on how long it will take to reupholster your item(s).  This does not include Fabric or any other materials needed.
  • Materials - Cost of materials such as foam, Dacron, trim, etc.
  • Yardage estimate - Based on the photos, measurements and information provided, we will give you an estimate of the number of yards required for your project.
      (fabric and materials are taxable items)
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